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I  am a mixed media artist working in concrete and stained-glass. I started my company, 23rd and Flock in 2022  in the heart of Pennsylvania. It's a love story between two contrasting materials – the cool strength of concrete and the vibrant color of stained glass. Each piece is a testament to the unexpected beauty found in the collision of light and shadow, of modern lines and whimsical flourishes.

Born in my home studio, 23rd and Flock is a journey of passion, where glass sheets transform to delicate flowers and hand-poured concrete takes shape to modern vessels. It's about celebrating the imperfections, the slight variations that tell the story of each creation.

Here, it's not just about the objects I make, it's about the experiences they evoke. I want you to feel the sunbeams catching on a stained glass bloom, the cool weight of concrete in your hand, and the conversations sparked by the unique pieces that grace your space.

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